Fitted sheet cotton satin - Birds Yellow

SKU 169352

Composition: 100% Cotton satin 

Dimensions: 90 x 200cm / 135 x 200 cm /140 x 200cm / 150 x 200 cm / 160 x 200cm / 180 x 200 cm

Color: Yellow

Cacharel's bed linen is made with the utmost care in cotton satin exclusively. The delicacy of the satin weave gives the fabric a soft and silky touch, an incomparable shine. Sumptuous, this bed linen will be a perfect companion for your nights. Thanks to the Easy Care finish the bed linen is easily ironed and guarantees an optimal night's sleep. Jean Bousquet decided to create a production workshop for women's trousers. Thanks to its romantic, haunted, dreamy and poetic universe, the brand has become a major player in the fashion industry.
Cacharel remains, still to this day, a chic and trendy brand that emphasizes women's confidence and sensuality. Floral prints and vintage logos perfectly depict the dynamism and freshness of the house collection.